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Dial-Up Internet
How do I set Windows 95/98 up to connect to Synergy? This is a very simple process. Open up the "My Computer" which is located on your desktop. Then open the "Dial-up Networking" icon. Then double-click on the "Make New Connection" icon, and follow it's instructions. Help! It keeps telling me it can't get the right protocol! Go to the Control Panel, and open the Network icon. In the listbox, there should be an item called a Dial-Up Adapter. Click on it, and then click the Properties button. In the next window, pick the Bindings tab. You'll then see at least one checkbox labeled TCPI/IP. Make sure this is checked. Click "OK" until your outta there, and then try connecting again. How can I stop call waiting? In the space where you enter Synergy's phone number, enter "*70,4862400" without the quotes. This ought to turn call waiting off. My modem never connects at 53.3k. Why not? There are a few causes. Make sure that your modem is connected directly to the phone jack, and not through other devices, such as your telephone or answering machine. Also make sure that you have a good, quality phone cord. These things can cause "line noise" which prevent your modem from obtaining the best possible connection. If this doesn't work, it could be the phone company's fault. Some areas are serviced by older equipment, and this can lower the quality of your modem's operation. Unfortunately, this has to be wrangled out with the phone company. I'm worried about what my kids might see on the Internet! There are many types of software available to help you to block websites you do not wish your children to see, and allow you to follow their online activities. Click on a logo below to visit the website for some of these software packages.